All Hallows' Eve

from Monster Classics by Pitch Black Manor



There's something in the basement
There's something in the bed
There's something in my closet
I hope its good 'n dead
There's something in the shadows
There's something in the sheets
There's something in the attic
I hope it likes treats
There's something in the cellar
There's something in the streets
There's something in the night yeah
I hope it likes me
There's something in your bones
And the burning leaves
There something in the air
On All Hallows' Eve

Cauldrons bubble higher
Witches call the devil's fire
Black cats hissing at the pyre
Vampire bites you in the mire

There's needles in the candy
There's strangers in your bed
There's humming down the hall
There's a ghost in your head
There's a full moon howling
And it's drooling dread
There's a gang of ghouls that wanna be fed
Trick or trick
Lick my cloven feet
Give us something good to eat
Give us something good to eat

On All Hallows' Eve
On All Hallows' Eve
On All Hallows' Eve
On All Hallows' Eve
Get your sweets and summon things
Flying high on demon wings

Orange and black
The dead are back
Orange and black
The dead are back
Orange and black
The dead are back
Orange and black
The dead are back

We're waiting in the patch
We're lurking in the dark
We're carving up the faces
We're hiding in the park
We're waiting for the One
That comes this night
With the Jack O Lantern grin
And a gruesome bite
So sincere so sincere
My dear
You best hold my hand
I do fear
You will lose your breath tonight
Strangled to death by the pumpkin vines

Blood Bloody
Ding Dong Witch
Say you're not home
But I hear ya bitch
Turn out the lights
That's what we like
We're comin in and were bringin' knives


from Monster Classics, released July 31, 2020
Featuring vocals by Moxie Rhodes and Claude the black cat.


all rights reserved



Pitch Black Manor East Moline, Illinois

Reanimated after 25 years. We're the right creeps for you!

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